I have always been fascinated by menstruation. Not in a kinky way, but because it is unique to women and a mystery to men. I have only talked with two females about their periods. One was a teenage girl friend, who would hang on the phone with me for hours, talking about anything and everything. The other is my wife, who has always had a positive attitude about her period. “I feel like a ripe tomato” she says, “I feel fertile and feminine.”

In recent years I have followed girls and women on YouTube who talk about their periods. I have been surprised that even liberated young women speak negatively about having a period. I have seen them use words like “disgusting” and treat their cycle as a burden that all women unfortunately carry. So I am happy to see that period-positive messages are getting out there.

Trump Resister, Grandfather, Environmentalist, Feminist, Quaker.

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